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Enjoy your working day with activity based acoustic design in your working place
Author: BeiyangDate: 2016-06-18

What do you need to consider when designing an office environment? Well, the first thing is that people will most likely perform a variety of activities in that office, and require for the very privacy when working in it.People do different jobs in the office,including teamwork,meeting,taking phones,etc. All these activities require their own acoustic solution. We call this Activity Based Acoustic Design. BEIYANG solutions support the activity taking place and thus enhance people’s job satisfaction,job performance and overall wellbeing.

Are you in an open-plan office right now? Please take a look around. Listen.

Do you hear people talking on the phone? Do you hear conversations that are not relevant to you? Do you hear ventilation fans? Do you feel that you are disturbed by these things, and your concentration are easily broken,you will feel more stressed? If so,you are not alone.Most people in the open-plan office are feeling the same,which greatly affected your efficiency.We call it”the noise”.

Activity based acoustic designs support your working place environment.

Beiyang developed activity based acoustic design to support people feeling good in office spaces.

This is a method for designing interior environment by defining different spaces,and achieving a combination of high-quality acoustic elements by optimum acoustic design.

Informal meetings

   Acoustic considerations: Long reverberation time,low speech clarity

   Challenge: Enhance speech clarity by reducing reverberation time

   Solution: Sound-absorbing ceiling with good absorption qualities and wall absorbers covering at least one wall, but preferably two adjacent walls.

Open-plan Office

   Acoustic considerations: Large spaces and high soffits,a lot of noise around.

   Challenge: Keep the overall sound level from escalating and reduce sound levels

   Solution: Best possible coverage of sound-absorbing elements on ceiling and walls. 


Acoustic considerations: Large spaces with large windows and hard surfaces,people walking by and phone conversation of high frequency.

Challenge: hinder echoes, improve speech clarity and keep conversations at the reception desk from spreading throughout the space.

Solution: A sound-absorbing ceiling with good absorption qualities, lowered sound absorbing free-hanging units directly above the reception desk, and wall panels on the wall around the desk. 



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